About Us

 Source Engineering, founded in 1998 specializes in High Quality, Cost Effective Motors and Motion Control products for the OEM marketplace.  We provide a full range of Stepping Motors, Stepping Motor Drivers Brushless DC Motors, PM Brush DC Motors, AC Induction Motors, Gearheads, Encoders and Electrical Cable Harnesses to help solve our customers’ needs. Our Manufacturing Facilities are located in Mainland China with Engineering, Technical Support and Warehouse Capabilities in California.
Factory Quality Programs

ISO 9001

QS 9000


Motors – Stepping, Brushless DC, PM DC, AC Induction, PSC Gear Motors – Stepping, Brushless DC, PM DC, AC Induction Drivers – Stepping Motor Gearheads Electrical Cable Harnesses Encoders

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Custom features on our product

Special Shafts – Hobbed, Hollow, Flats, Keyways Custom Motor windings to optimize performance Custom Endcaps to meet all mounting needs Value added – Cables, Connectors and mounted Encoders