Source Engineering’s economical aluminum body worm speed reducer provides highly reliable power transmission for general purpose applications. Designed and manufactured with cost in mind these worm gearboxes offer cost effective operation and superior performance over similar products. We offer frame sizes from 30 up to 75mm and offer plug-in solid shaft kits to provide ultimate product flexibility. We also offer Wiper motors and various sizes of PMDC Worm gearmotors

Worm Gearmotors


  • Worm Gearheads with PMDC motors
  • Wiper motors
  • High Torque
  • Ratios form 7:1 up to 2484:1
  • Rated torque of 2Nm up to 10Nm
  • Drop in replacement for most suppliers

Standalone Worm Gears


  • Frame Sizes from 30 up to 75mm
  • Gear ratios 7.5:1 to 100:1 ratios
  • Aluminum alloy housing for lightweight design
  • Hardened worm shaft for increased durability
  • Two bearings on input and output shafts
  • NEMA motor input flange
  • Hollow Output Bores, Single and Dual Shaft.