Hub Wheel Motor with Encoder

It is a direct drive Brushless DC Hub Wheel motor. It has 3 hall sensors but it's 1000 CPR built-in encoder sets it apart for a more precise control. Ideally suited for indoor Robotic wheel motor. Available sizes are 86mm, 100mm, and 130mm diameter

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Integrated Stepper Motor and Controller

UIM242 Series CAN2.0B Interface Stepper Controller n Driver

UIM240XX Integrated Stepper Motor series include a high performance microstep driver which is very compact and cuts down on costs.  It’s available in 3 adjustable current ratings(2, 4 & and 8 Amps) and is compatible  with our NEMA 17, 23 and 34 stepping motors. The bipolar chopper driver features resolutions from 200-3200 steps/revolution.

This UIM241 and UIM242 series has an on board controller for simple motion applications and closed loop capabilities  It can be programed via RS232 or Can bus. The Embedded 64-bit calculation precision DSP controller guarantees the real-time control process which is perfect for daisy chain applications.

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